Strategy Analytics调查显示,诺基亚第一季度全球手机市场占有率从上年同期的30.9%升至32.8%,正是得益于中国和印度等新兴市场的强劲销售。排名第二和第三分别是摩托罗拉的20.1%和三星电子的12.7%。

诺基亚公司中国区消费者和市场业务高级副总裁Colin Giles表示,2005年底诺基亚在大中华区的市场占有率超过30%,第一季度市场占有率在良好的产品组合的推动下已经进一步上升。Giles指出,中国对多功能手机的潜在需求巨大。

Nokia's boss said it had reinforced its number one position in the market."A robust market coupled with our strong product portfolio and excellent execution produced outstanding results in a seasonally challenging first quarter," said chief executive Jorma Ollila.It is forecasting 22% growth in total handset sales this year, driven by strong demand for mobile phones in China, India and across Africa.