In August 2004, we acquired the domain name Hao123.com from its owner unrelated to us. At the time of the acquisition, Hao123.com was the largest traffic contributor to our Baidu.com website among our Baidu Union members. Pursuant to the asset purchase agreement, we paid the seller an aggregate purchase price consisting of RMB11.9 million (US$1.4 million) in cash and 40,000 ordinary shares of our company. In addition, we agreed to make a contingent payment of an additional RMB1.2 million (US$0.1 million) to the seller if certain traffic statistics of Hao123.com are achieved within 12 months of the acquisition. We have accounted for the transaction as an asset purchase and recorded the intangible assets at the purchase price, excluding the contingent payment consideration. Since the acquisition, traffic of Hao123.com has become part of our organic traffic, and we no longer share revenues generated from users of Hao123.com. For additional information, see Note 6 to our consolidated financial statements included as part of this prospectus.(via here