Dialpad is thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Yahoo!. We are excited to join forces with Yahoo! to successfully combine the strengths of both companies to bring you even more exciting new services. Yahoo! will leverage Dialpad's IP based services to further build upon its voice services and scale enhanced PSTN calling services to millions of users. It is your continuous support and loyalty over the past 5 years that have made Dialpad into an Internet Telephony Pioneer and we're excited that this acquisition will give us more resources to bring you improved services and features in the future.

新浪今日报道微软的msn spaces有规避备案的嫌疑。呵呵!举报有奖么?还是打死它有什么好处。不得而知。国内的这些企业为什么喜欢在政策的保护伞下生活。难道没有政治管制没有政府扶助就成不了气候么?我看事实恰好相反。sina说:去年12月3日,微软在全球推出MSN博客测试服务,但是并没有遵守关于中国禁止外资经营互联网内容服务的规定,在中国同步推出了中文MSN博客服务。微软的MSN中文博客服务,可以免费实现图片、相册、音乐共享,每个用户免费拥有10M的空间,同时用户还可以设置对用户开放及发表评论的权限,与传统的BBS、BSP在评论、发表、互动等方面的内容服务完全是一致的,因此可以说,在间接染指中国门户方面的网络内容市场竞争的同时,事实上微软已经通过MSN中文博客服务的后门,直接参与了中国网络内容服务市场的竞争。(via here