Google print,你print!

Go to Google Print HomeGoogle print更新了界面,可以搜索某一本书,并在线阅读大约20%-100%不等的内容,这些书籍来自七大图书馆的藏书,Google认为自己的使命是"组织世界的信息",所以你是信息google就要组织,无论隐私的还是受版权保护的。 正如搜索引擎观察的文章,忘掉google print的违反版权问题吧,搜索引擎都已经违反了(Forget Google Print Copyright Infringement; Search Engines Already Infringe)。

Google 自己是这么说的,We respect copyright law and the tremendous creative effort authors put into their work. So you'll only able to see a limited portion – in some cases only a few sentences – of books that are still under copyright. If the book has no copyright restrictions and is considered public domain, then you can browse the entire book. In general, Google Print aims to help you discover books, not read them from start to finish. It's like going to a bookstore and browsing – only with a Google twist. (via here当然有些内容需要登陆google account才能阅读,It's a free-for-all for anyone to use~!(这句不是阿)

Google print支持对书籍的内容的搜索,或者对提供商的一个缩小范围查询。以后再补充使用技巧。简单试用了google说的intitle,ISBN,出版商模式查询都不太好使。

另外在看到了两个在线免费书库NetLibrary (来源于多个图书馆) 和University of Pennsylvania Online Books Page.我自己就选中了一本万维网信息构建( Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition )呵呵,边看边打印!知识是力量嘛,既然google有能力让你免费使用,那你就享受吧!


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