Wists help中的这段话帮我更深刻的认识了folksonomic: Advanced tagging: Wists allows you to create groups of tags, called 'themes', in order to manage large numbers of tags better. For example: to bookmark a Sushi Restaurant in New York you could enter: Restaurant location=ny type=sushi. You can invent as many themes as you like.) Multi-word tags: use underscores if your tag names are phrases e.g. latin_america. (Via here)其实传达了人们使用分众分类要求的自由和无拘束。分众分类带着浓厚的blog色彩。你对他进行分类和摘要的时候已经表达了你的立场、观点。真正实现用我们自己的想法区分这个世界(Classify the whole world by ourself)!