IBM作为it行业巨头,最近新闻频频见报,先是在多媒体搜索领域(IBM视频搜索)发力,现有在企业搜索软件领域与Google争锋。IBM says that its tools will make possible a further search approach, that of "discovery systems" that will extract the underlying meaning from stored material no matter how it is structured (databases, e-mail files, audio recordings, pictures or video files) or even what language it is in.(via Nytime).
前一段时间我还在想本机搜索(Desktop search,本来应该按照字面意思翻译为桌面搜索)应该向本地域,工作组等企业内部网方向发展,现在IBM告诉我这个想法是对的。IBM hopes to create “the future of search". IBM has recently released OmniFind, its intranet search middleware (think desktop search times 10,000). OmniFind can, in under a second, search intranets, extranets, corporate public websites, relational database systems, file systems, and content repositories, analyzing HTTP/HTTPS, news groups (NNTP), file systems, Domino® databases, Microsoft® Exchange public folders, DB2 Content Manager, DB2 UDB, DB2 UDB for z/OS, Informix®, and Oracle databases. It can scale for millions of documents, thousands of users, can fit into any security setup, and works in Windows and Linux.(via blognewschannel
从本质上讲它是个能理解你想要什么的搜索引擎,这是继Google web搜索之后在搜索领域的一场革命. 相关链接: info about omnifind of IBM IBM and search